Social Wifi Hotspot Help to Capture Your Customer

Wireless Social is a device that collects valuable data of every user that connects to your WI-FI. The purpose of collecting data is to understand the buying preferences and interests of your customers through their social media profiles, so that you can target them to market your brand.

Provide a Free Wi-Fi connection to your customers
Strengthen customer loyalty & build powerful marketing
Promote your business and build your social media profile
Capture accurate data to build a precise profile of your audience
Safe & secure connections – you are in control

How It Works

Social Wifi Hotspot


The business starts the moment a user connects to your social WI-FI hotspot. While the user is still connected to the Wi-Fi, you can target him/her by throwing in a special offer to market your brand or product.


Wireless Social starts collecting data the moment a user connects to the Wi-Fi. The data keeps piling up in the background, so that means that it will be available for you whenever you want to plan your next targeted marketing campaign.

Wifi Marketing Router


Targeting the right audience always helps to generate leads for your business. Our device collects user data and make reports so that you can have sufficient information to help you plan your next marketing campaign.


Finally the data our device collected is at your fingertips and ready whenever you want to execute a targeted marketing campaign. You can set up newsletters and send to your customers of exactly what they are looking for.


Wi-Fi availability at your place
Connect to the most personal device of your customer
Direct Interaction with the customer
Effortless marketing
Actual customer data collection (email, gender, DOB)
Enhance social analytics/marketing
Improve your social presence
Grow your customer email list
Better results on Promotions/Offers


New venues capture an average of 600+ new customer data lines in the first month
Over 600,000 active users of our Wi-Fi in the UK
Over 75,000 new users every month
Over 5,500 people are using our network at any given time
Our top venues collect more than 175 profiles a day
Wireless Social has network reach in 20 different countries to date
Venues using Facebook authentication capture an average of 280 new ‘likes’ in the first month

Wireless Social works for any business sector

Find out how we can help yours

Student union
Betting Shops
And many more…


Why work with Cranberry Marketing? Because Social Wireless Solution is just one door to our digital world, AND We can help you maximise the benefits of implementing Social Wireless Solution with our DECADE long experience AS A DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY.


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