Tealand is a UAE based company offering a wide variety of Tea products. They have stores and franchises all over UAE selling their products to B2B & B2C clients

Tealand was a business that only generated business offline through physical stores and kiosks. They approached us to help them with their new website so they could have an online presence.
  • UX Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Desktop Version
Even though Tealand just wanted a static website initially, when we stepped in we pitched them with an e-commerce website because our research suggested that there was a gap in the online marketing in their industry. Selling products online requires a fresh and modern website design that attracts users. We devised a media plan for Tealand and started preparing design mockups to suit today’s needs.
We built a responsive e-commerce store from scratch implementing a payment gateway as well to complete the entire sales funnel. Once the website was completed, our SEO specialists took the challenge and came up with a marketing plan to rank the website on top by targeting the right keywords. The aim of making the website rank on top was to improve website visibility.
Mobile Version
We transformed the entire website to an e-commerce store so that they can also sell their products online. Now they are successfully selling their products across UAE generating healthy revenue.
Tealand’s website is also top ranked on Google’s search engine on a long list of relevant keyword phrases.
Offline Collateral
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